Blogger’s Shots – Snow Day

These are two of the very first photos I took with my Canon. It had snowed that day I couldn’t think of a better time to try out my new camera. In the first photo, I captured my friend straightening the flowers in her vase. I don’t know what compelled me to take the photo – maybe the gentleness with which she grasped the flowers or maybe the way the distorted light from the blinds casts various shadows throughout the scene. Or maybe it’s the sheer contrast between the subject and the background: the natural against the mechanical. Regardless of the reason, this photo is special to me because I didn’t have to think to take it. It was almost as if the flowers drew my lens towards themselves. I see this as a good reminder that anything could be subject material given the right circumstances.

The second photo was taken later that afternoon. I took this photo because it reminded me of Christmas. We don’t get a white Christmas around here, so it was nice to come back to campus and see this. It’s how I would imagine a tree in a Charles Dickens story – elegant and classic. I liked the coolness of the photo as well because it almost provides the sensation of a frigid winter day without actually being out in the cold. One thing I don’t like about this picture is the line of the cord. It stands out in a strange way and I can’t stop looking at it. It’s very unnatural against the background.

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