City-scapes: Aerial City Photography by AirPano

I’m featuring AirPano in two separate posts this week because I found them really inspiring. I have been trying to incorporate various types of photography in my blog posts so far and decided this week to choose aerial photography. I found these pictures on the group’s webpage ( and fell in love with them. It reminded me of the time I took a future career test in middle school and was told I should be an urban planner. Though I do not plan on ever going into that profession, I do think that these photographs show the art and beauty that goes into planning a city. Cities, especially big  ones like NYC or LA, are often planned out in blocks. This makes it easier to organize and to get around. The beauty is hard to see from the ground, but easy to tell from above, as in the pictures here. I love how the first image is centered entirely around Central Park in New York. To me, it somewhat symbolizes a battle between nature and man and his machines of convenience and comfort. Though the city has sprung up around it, the park is still there, holding its own and forcing the city streets to fill in as much as possible without stepping into the park boundaries. I just think that’s cool. I also love the organization of the second photo. This photo is of Paris, France, I remember reading about how pre-French Revolution kings and bourgeoisie were focused on creating an organized city and that’s how this layout came to be. I also love how the lines make everything flow to the middle where the Arc du Triumph is. I think it’s a neat use of organization and lines. The last picture, to me, looks a lot like a memory card. Every block is it’s own little square and every block seems to have its own purpose or place in the world. It’s extremely simple, yet very pleasing to the eye.

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