Photographer of the Week: Brent Stirton

Brent Stirton is a photographer for Getty Images in New York. He does a lot of photojournalism, aiming to capture images that portray the conflicts and issues of our world. His images are brilliant and captivating and provide a way for people to see the parts of the world that we know so little about. To see more of his images, click here.

I picked the pictures above for their simplicity, beauty, color and skill. In the first image, the color is so vibrant and I love the juxtaposition of the electric guitar with the simple, natural landscape. I thought the way Stirton captured the motion of the man and the horse was amazing. I love how the glow of the setting sun lays across the image and makes it seem as if they are riding into the sun. The third picture caught my eye because we have been talking a lot in class about rule of thirds. I thought that this picture was a perfect example of that concept. I also love it because it looks as though the man is welcoming nature into his arms and it shows his oneness with nature. Even though the man is standing on top of the horse, he does not seem like a dominant force over the landscape but a part of it.

Another thing that captured my attention in these images is how well Stirton photographs with sky. This is one thing that I constantly struggle with. To me, shooting with sky in the photo is very difficult because it always seems to overpower the image. I think Stirton did an amazing job with capturing it in these photos.


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