Photographer of the Week: Ciril Jazbec

These photos are from Ciril Jazbec‘s award-winning photo documentary “On Thin Ice”. This series reveals”human face of climate change as it threatens various low-lying regions” of Greenland. I loved the way Jazbec captured the lives of the people of this remote village. The series shows how they live off the land and make use of what little they have. These are three of my favorite photos of the series. I loved the way he captured the reflection of the man in the ice. It almost looks as if he is trapped in there with the fish. I also liked how small the people looked compared to the ice. I also loved the way the blue of the water comes through the ice. I chose the last picture because of the fact that the foreground is blurred. I think the choice to change the focus of the photo really emphasizes the power of what’s in the background. This really makes the blood trail on the left stick out and I think that makes the photo extremely powerful.

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