Blogger’s Shots: A Day in the Garden

I spent the day walking around my grandparents house taking photos, experimenting with full manual mode, trying to get bees and butterflies to stop flitting around long enough for me to catch a good shot of them, and discovering things I didn’t know were there. So, welcome to my day in the garden! Spring has just sprung and everything is blooming with glorious color!

The first photo took forever to capture. I really wanted to get a still of a bee mid-flight, so I switched to shutter priority and put my shutter speed on 1/4000 sec. and waited for a bee to come by without flitting away before I got the shot. Then this little guy showed up and practically posed for the photo! He hovered in front of me for several seconds, folding his front legs together like he was patiently waiting for me to take the shot. I think I’m most proud of this picture.

The butterflies were much easier to capture. They spent a lot of time resting on the flowers. I love how vibrant their colors were. The yellows were so bright and I love the little pop of blue in the butterfly’s tail in the third photo.

I loved the photos of the dandelions because they remind me of a fairygarden. I lowered the camera down to the ground and took this shot. From down there, the dandelions look more like trees than weeds. I also loved the way the grass kind of splits in between them like a path.

My favorite photo in this gallery is the one of the two butterflies flying around each other. Someone once told me that butterflies are the souls of loved ones we’ve lost. Throughout the week, I kept seeing these two butterflies, always together and always dancing around each other. They reminded me of my grandparents. I’ve never seen any couple more in love than my grandparents and these two butterflies reminded me that their love will always be with me.

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